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Poker Hand Situation #1

You’re playing online poker and sitting at a 2-5 No Limit table. You have been playing for about an hour and playing well. You’re dealt AQ-off on the Button. Only one player called prior to your action. He limped in. Therefore, you raised to $15. The Small Blind and Big Blind both folded. The limper called. Therefore, it’s just you and him now. The Flop: 7Q2-rainbow. That is the flop of your dreams with AQ-off. Or is it? The villain checks. You want to take down the pot without any nonsense, so you bet $17. To your surprise, he raises all-in for $256. You are completely taken aback. It’s a huge overbet. Then again, this is online poker, and while there are many sharks, there are also many fish to feed on. In other words, some players don’t understand bet-sizing, and this might have been one of those players. This character likely hit the nuts and wanted to get paid. You tanked, then folded. Your opponent then showed AA, giving him three of a kind. This hand actually happened, and the purpose of it is to show you that it’s not the hand you hold, but the hand you hold relative to your opponent’s hand.

Poker Hand Situation #2

You’re in the Big Blind with JJ in a 2-5 No Limit game. The first player to act raises to $15. A player in middle position re-raises to $30. The Button then re-raises to $50. The Small Blind fold. Now it’s on you. What is the correct move? A 4-bet pot pre-flop is almost always AA. Even if that’s not the case, it’s KK. While most players foolishly call with JJ here, the correct play is to fold. Always remember this phrase whenever in doubt: “Wait for a better spot.”

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